The best grill in Playa d’en Bossa


Tomahawk 24k – kilo  90.00€ / kg

Tuna loin with soy reduction  24.00€ 

Beef sirloin with foie   25.00€ 

Lobster with Ibizan eggs and potatoes – kilo  140.00€ / kg

Reef lobster with Ibizan eggs and potatoes – kilo   75.00€ / kg

Bison sirloin with mustard   26.00€ 

Kangaroo steak with wakame  22.00€ 

Pork sirloin with goat cheese sauce, Ibizan potatoes and Pedro Ximénez reduction   19.00€

Bullit de peix – on request (min. 2 pers. / price p.p) 35.00€ 

Fresh fish of the day P / S / M

Timbal chocolates  11.00€


Oysters – 4.00€ / unit

Iberian ham cut – 100 gr   28.00€ / 100 gr.

Iberian Cheese  14.00€

Cecina de León   16.00€

Scrambled eggs with Foie   14.00€

Shrimp prawns   14.00€

Galician octopus with Ibizan potato   22.00€

Mussels marinara or steamed  15.00€

Avocado with prawns, pink sauce and smoked salmon shavings   14.00€

Salad from the garden  12.00€ 

Caesar salad   13.00€ 

Melted goat cheese salad with sweet vinaigrette and nuts  14.00€ 

Tomato salad with mozzarella, arugula, mint, orange and salmon shavings   13.00€ 

Padrón peppers   9.00€ 

Chicken soup with noodles   8.00€ 

Fish soup with seafood chunks   10.00€ 

Grilled seasonal vegetables  12.00€ 

Chicken wok   14.00€ 

PARRILLA – Serverd with roasted potatoes and vegetables

Tomahawk – kilo   60.00€ / kg

T-bone steak – kilo   49.00€ / kg

Beef tenderloin   26.00€

Beef entrecote   23.00€

Black Angus beef steak   27.00€

Entraña   17.00€

Churrasco   17.00€

Guijuelo Iberian prey  19.00€ 

Baby lamb ribs – 8 pcs.   28.00€

S1⁄2 boneless free-range chicken  24.00€

Chistorra from Navarra   10.00€

Sausage   10.00€

Grilled meat – (min. 2 pers. /price p.p)   36.00€

Lamb skewer – (min. 2 pers. /price p.p)   38.00€


Gilt-head bream   18.00€

Sea bass   18.00€

Octopus   24.00€

Salmon   18.00€

Tuna belly   24.00€


Roasted Segovian suckling pig – portion   27.00€

1⁄4 roast suckling lamb ( for 2 pers. )  44.00€


Ibiza squid  22.00 €

Sole   16.00€

Mere   25.00€

Monkfish   24.00€

Shrimp and chicken skewer  20.00€ 

Grilled prawns -8 units  18.00€

Lobster to taste – kilo  75.00€

Lobster to taste – kilo  120.00€

Grilled seafood: razor clams, Norway lobster, shrimp, cuttlefish, monkfish and mussels  (min. 2 pers. / price p.p.)  26.00€ 

OUR RICESMinimun for 2 people 

Rice with lobster  35.00€ / p.p.

Black rice: monkfish, cuttlefish and prawn 19.00 € / p.p.

Soupy rice a la marinera   22.00 € / p.p.

Seafood paella   22.00 € / p.p.

Mixed paella: meat and seafood  20.00€ / p.p.

Blind paella – a banda  19.00€ / p.p.

Seafood fideuá   22.00€ / p.p.


Ceviche Come back to life with prawns and octopus 18,00 €

Nachos  10.00€

Nachos with chicken, melted cheese, pico de gallo and guacamole   14.00€

Nachos with meat, melted cheese, pico de gallo and guacamole   14.00€

Chicken burrito  13.00€ 

Roast beef burrito   14.00€

Vegetarian burrito  12.00€

Chicken fajitas   12.00€

Steak fajitas   12.00€

Vegetarian fajitas   10.00€

Quesadilla D. F. – 4 units   12.00€


Spaghetti mare fruit 12.00 €

Spaghetti with lobster   26.00€


Spaghetti Bolognese 8,00 €

Chicken escalope 8,00 €

Pizza: Margarita, 4 cheeses or ham  8.00€


Homemade Ibizan fries   5.00€

Roasted peppers   5.00€

Sautéed rice with chives  3.00€ 

Vegetables   5.00€

Roasted Ibizan potatoes  3.00€ 


Green pepper ∞ Roquefort ∞ Cheese cream   3.00 €


Cheese cake with berries 8,00€

Tatin cake  8.00€

Tiramisu  8.00€

Brownie with Ibizan herb ice cream  9.00€ 

Brownie with Ibizan herb ice cream  9.00€

Assorted seasonal fruit   8.00€

Lemon sorbet   6.00€

Symphony of desserts (min 2 pers.)  14.00


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Sissi’s Asador restaurant with a long history. Renowned for being a place where you can taste the best grilled meats prepared with holm oak charcoal. It is defined by traditional Mediterranean cuisine, meat and fish. 

The restaurant belonged to the actress Romy Schneider, star of Sissi Empress, hence the name of the restaurant. Romy owned the house where she used to spend her summers and enjoy the magical island of Ibiza. This fact gives the restaurant in Playa d’en Bossa a special charm.

Its large garden, full of vegetation, will surprise you as soon as you enter, as will the enormous grill on the right-hand side, from which some of its most succulent dishes come out.

Being right in the centre of Playa d’en Bossa, many tourists, attracted by its beauty, go to Sissi’s for lunch or dinner. However, it also has that local public that knows the most special places on the island.

If there is one thing that dominates at Sissi’s, it is grilled meats. The quality of the pieces they cook and the way they do it (with holm oak charcoal) make it one of their strong points. Only here can you taste exotic meats such as zebra, kangaroo or bison, as well as the most successful meats such as wagyu, kobe or black Angus. The Iberian ham, sliced on the spot, and oysters are other delicacies served, as well as the famous sushi. 

While you decide what to order, the large tables in the garden are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail. They have a varied selection and if you can’t find the one you want, just ask! Their professional bartender is open to all kinds of suggestions.

If you fancy a little more intimacy, you can eat in the dining room or even reserve it for your private events. They have interesting menus for groups, you can consult them by calling +34 971 30 48 65.

You will have the opportunity to watch films, sports, musicals or any other requested content on the giant LED screen. 

Sissi’s has 3 different terraces, an indoor dining room and a reserved area for up to 10 people. 

They have free parking and Wifi, although you probably don’t need the latter. The best thing to do at Sissi’s is to take advantage of the moment to disconnect and enjoy a pleasant evening surrounded by surprises and irresistible dishes.

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C/ Begònies, 18,

07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Illes Balears